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Laying It Down


סיום תואר שני חיפה7
סיום תואר שני חיפה2-001
סיום תואר חיפה3
סיום תואר חיפה11
קובי גופר 1
Photography: Amit Domb, Kobby Goffer

Laying It Down \ Graduating MFA studies exhibition at the Haifa University gallery  Jun - 2012

Noa Tavori

Curator: Sharon Poliakine


The metal object cracks the space. The space is filled with objects\hybrids. The ordinary objects signify a human presence. Day to day life is full of objects that speak about their owners. Time signs emphasize the former use of the objects, their former owners and usage. If an objects lasts enough time It can find its match.  Some look utterly symbiotic and create a new hybrid.

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