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The Digger
eyes detail
Photography: Amit Domb, Sasha Lutsky

The Digger \Start Art gallery, Tel Aviv Sep- 2003

Noa Tavori

Curator: Dov Or Ner



The invitation for Noa’s journey to the islands does not resemble Paul Gauguin’s

Journey to the tropical islands – “nave nave fenua. noa noa” – “wonderfull land – fragrant land”. It is more like a futuristic mapping of an unknown place lacking a geographical or historical landmark.


The islands were created on the basis of data & materials available in today’s “imagery bank” and it is possible we often encounter them without being able to recognize them.

The islands aren’t that impressive at first sight, they look like mountain tops with their summit’s alone rising above the abyss.

The islands surfaces are sieved with bumps and bubbles and organized in clusters.

A closer look reveals a biomorphic wrap, made of human body fragments, that has layed all over the space – wrapped, spreaded and scattered. The wrap is made entirely out of closed eyes, connected together and creating a lumpy mass.

Noa’s islands look like they belong to a semi-autistic world – a world that feels the need to wrap and defend itself for it seems everything around it has become too invasive and penetrating. A world swaying between opposite ends, in and out,

I & the world. The surroundings seem very vulnerable, almost disappearing in mist,

populated with invisible creatures like the ones virginia wolf discribed, ghosts rich with sensetivities, imagery & memories.


Against the melancholic and silent surroundings, ‘carnivorous’ flowers emerge on top of the islands, probably originating from a futuristic world, but, these flowers could very well burst in flames once the eyes emerge from their graves.


In the distance a lifegaurd’s hut is placed, and in it a transperant boxing sack full of red sticky material, waiting for the punches of the oncoming viewer.


The whole scene is orcastrated by the artist herself appearing in the video film.

She’s trying endlessly to empty a garden pool with a shovel.


In an etempt to solidify a third dimension of existence that does not exist in the individual nor in the  real world, Noa’s trying to construct in her work a potential inbetween space.


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