Half Board
Photography: Noa Tavori, Adi Weizmann, Dorit Figovich Goddard

Half Board\Private House Residency + event  Dec -2016

Adi Weizmann, Noa Tavori, Dorit Figovich Goddard

Self Curated

A new Collaboration project, participated by: Dorit Godard, Adi Weizmann and Noa Tavori.

This event will be a closure for a three months ongoing project which took place in an old house located in Ramot Hashavim, during this period we lived and worked in this to be demolished house that was given to us for a short time.

The house became a space which different action took place in ,among them structural changes, designation purposes and division of it

This is another collaboration of this kind which we had in a series of similar in the past and was created especially for this specific space.

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