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Under the street light


Under the street light\ Ein Shemer May-2015
Noa Tavori, Alon Tavori
Curator: Atar Geva

A site specific installation and musical instrument, made out of dozens of empty alcohol bottles. On opening night Alon Tavory  played on it

with different percussion instruments. This event takes place under the street lights in the pathways of the kibbutz.





Trapped\ 45 Kibbutz Galuyot, Tel Aviv Dec-2015
Noa Tavori
Curator: Shirley meshulam

Multi-disciplinary event

'Lonely planet': An installation in a staircase.

This work consists of paper boats made out of 'lonely planet' guide book to Palestine-israel in the german language. Lonely planet is one of the largest guide books publisher in the world.The paper boats 'sail' in the staircase, along with other elements. On the walls there are ancient archs, sketched according to the book cover design. The materials and the imagery of a shattered, temporary and fantastic boat,  were chosen to symbolically represent a state of decline. 


Still Life

Still Life\ Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod Aug-2013
Noa Tavori, Ronnie Heller
Curator: Raaya Zomer Tal


100 years of ready-made, performance by Ronnie Heller and Noa Tavori,

During the performance Ronnie Heller steps into the concrete shoes Noa Tavori made. These heavy shoes are connected to one another and 'glue' her to the spot. Rony is moving and expressing herself within those limitations.




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